What is EDDM?   “Every Door Direct Mail” is a post office service. An easy way to locally promote business, EDDM advertising postcards touch customers. Select a Zip Code, pick from routes and send direct mail.

Considering the value?   You may want to ask, “How much is it worth for an ad to be seen by real people?” EDDM advertising is a “not to be missed” hands on experience.

Want to share space and save costs?   We share space on our “PostiCard” EDDM mailers to let you advertise at a rate lower than DIY ad costs without a long-term contract.

Is it junk mail?   Many see ad mail from special interests as “junk mail” for their recycling bin. EDDM advertising sent responsibly offers value and informs readers of services.

Printing builds commerce.

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Why print?   Not everyone looks at digital marketing content or may even block it when online. Physical printed mailers are a sure way to stay in touch with a broad audience. Business can rely on specialty print services. Let your options morph.

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